Finding undiscovered IP gems

  Your IP assets may be very valuable and could be the crown jewels of your company. Our recent online survey drew a good response from twenty-two technology, biotechnology and other companies. The survey confirmed that IP assets were of central value to companies, and that ownership and use of IP had increased over time. Over 80% now own and use IP compared to the considerably lower proportion who owned or exploited IP when their business began.  Most companies say that they depend on one or more of the three IP pillars (copyrights, patents, or trademarks) with designs and confidential information also being important to over half of them.  The annual spending on IP is variable:  46% of respondents spend from £0-10k per annum, while 36% spend £10-100k, and 18%  spend £100k or more. 

INtellectual Property Survey
While the survey confirmed that companies are keenly interested in the best use and protection of their valuable IP assets it must be bourne  in mind that it  attracted respondents who are interested in IP, that is those who have collected IP gems and want to find more as they go forward.  Those companies who pay attention to their IP assets find them valuable to their business.


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